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BigSpring’s ‘Tech & touch’ platform

Video micro-learning

Use our universal library or use your own video modules on our secure platform


Reinforce not only concepts but also ‘Muscle Memory’ with your learners


Track and benchmark progress of learning against business KPIs


Have our coaches or your top performers coach other learners


Track and evaluate application of learning on the job


Engage and motivate learners with badges and scores based on their performance

A company only performs as well as it executes on the frontline

Converting our clients’ vision into execution capabilities since 2010

BigSpring empowers our clients’ workforce with the skills needed to make the “big spring” to the front of the industry. Our learning solutions turn employees into brand ambassadors. Whether you need a more responsive customer service team, accelerated sales growth, better process compliance, a more collaborative workforce, we can help.

“I finally understand what is required of me to take my company to Number 1.” Frontline staff

“Congratulations for setting an example and becoming a service legend.” CEO

“Our people have started problem-solving. This has invigorated the whole team and resulted in at least a 10% improvement in sales.” Sales Manager

“I noticed a significant change in the attitude of my staff and there has been a drop in customer complaints.” Senior engineering manager

We’ve trained drivers in Spanish, sales teams in Bahasa and medical staff in English. No matter where you are in the world, we speak your language.